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Last Updated on 9 March 2015, Total: 21 Products

A comprehensive list of SharePoint Add-ons that improve the pre-existing features and add new ones.

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    ENow ForeSite

    ENow's ForeSite is designed to help organizations proactively monitor their SharePoint infrastructure, including all of the core underlying technologies such as Microsoft Active Directory, Internet Information Server and SQL. It also includes monitoring SharePoint's key components including site availability, timer jobs and content databases alerting. ForeSite also includes a suite of reports that help administrators better understand how SharePoint is... Read More

  2. Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server Recovery

    Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server Recovery software repairs corrupt or damaged SharePoint databases and retrieves all the documents from it. With repairing the damaged or corrupt SharePoint database, this tool creates a new MDF file that can be incorporated with SharePoint Server to make the website accessible. Additionally, the software enables a user to extract all the documents and data from... Read More

  3. SharePoint Document Preview 2013

    Document Preview 2013 extends and leverages SharePoint document management capabilities by embedding SharePoint Thumbnail View into the standard SharePoint document libraries, FAST and regular SharePoint Search centers. Document Preview 2013 is available for SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Foundation 2013 and is realized as native SharePoint 2013 Solution... Read More

  4. GSX Monitor & Analyzer

    GSX Solutions has become the leader in Monitoring and Reporting solution for collaborative and messaging environment by proposing tools that streamline and optimize IT resources. GSX is working with more than 600 customers worldwide, 70% of them are Fortune 500. We provide an agentless and pro-active solution, GSX Monitor & Analyzer that gives a real time view on the user... Read More

  5. HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint

    HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint allows you to build a helpdesk system in SharePoint 2010 environment. The helpdesk is designed especially for SharePoint and it is ready-to-use right out-of-the-box. The product key features: request processing logic is based on SharePoint declarative workflows; wide collaboration possibilities for helpdesk staff; fully customizable ticket forms; reports and dashboard for staff performance monitoring... Read More

  6. SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup Pack

    A cross-site lookup pack consists of SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup and SharePoint Cascaded Lookup extends SharePoint lookup function with new features. Powerful Cross-Site lookup other lists from different sites Filter filed values by values of Filter Column and Parent Column or by selecting list views Two-way convert to SharePoint default lookup type or SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup type... Read More

  7. PCVITA Express Migrator for SharePoint

    A modernized change came to your door, agilely migrate File Share to SharePoint. Folder hierarchy is maintained & metadata information is locked up while migrating File Share to SharePoint. Perform character mapping & then precisely migrate File Share to SharePoint document library. Extensive support is availed to migrate File Share to SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007 & SharePoint 2003... Read More

  8. HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 2007

    HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 2007 is a web-analytics and usage reporting solution for sites and portals based on SharePoint 2007 platform. Product provides detailed reports about users and their behavior, usage statistics and perception of content, document libraries and lists accessed, search queries, and growth in the number of documents, sites, or database size... Read More

  9. SharePoint Cascaded Lookup

    SharePoint cascaded lookup; cross-site lookup data in SharePoint list; filter SharePoint columns, filter by building parent-child relationship; convert between SharePoint lookup/cross-site lookup/cascaded lookup... Read More

  10. SharePoint Permission Batch Setting

    SharePoint Permission Batch Setting is useful for modifying all items permissions in a SharePoint list. It is designed for this requirement. On one hand, SharePoint user has created unique permissions for items of a list. On the other hand, he needs to add or remove some permission to all the items. In this circumstance, modifying permissions to each item is... Read More