IP Address Management

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IP Address Management Software for network administrators and IT professionals.

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    ManageEngine OpUtils

    ManageEngine OpUtils is a Web-based IP Address Management software that helps to effectively manage your IP Addresses. With OpUtils you can 1)Automatically discover your subnets or import them from a CSV file, 2)Group subnets in a hierarchical tree format, 3)Periodically scan them to determine the current status of IP as used or available, 4)Get the details of switch port to... Read More

  2. Spiceworks' Free Network Inventory Software

    Download Spiceworks' completely free network inventory software to manage all IP addresses on your network. *This is NOT a free trial, "freemium", or stripped down verision.* Spiceworks provides access to the entire software suite whether you're a one-person operation or you manage 1,000 network devices. And it's free forever - including live support and all product upgrades! In addition to... Read More

  3. VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Management Software

    Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Address Management Software is a market leading solution for automating IP address management services across networks. It streamlines management and cuts administrative costs for enterprises, government agencies, and service providers worldwide. Components of the VitalQIP Address Management Software include: Audit Manager, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) module, API Toolkit, Network Allocator, Services Manager, Registration Manager, Auto... Read More

  4. Proteus IP Address Management

    Proteus from BlueCat Networks is the industry's most complete IP Address Management (IPAM) platform consolidating management of your entire IP infrastructure including core-network DNS and DHCP services. Proteus manages our award winning Adonis DNS and DHCP appliances and Windows® DNS and DHCP services from a centralized management interface. Purpose-built for scalability and high-availability, Proteus provides sophisticated utilities to rapidly design,... Read More

  5. BT Diamond IP

    BT Diamond IP delivers powerful, comprehensive IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions encompassing: IP Block and Subnet Management, DHCP management and DNS management including DNSSEC management. BT Diamond IP IPAM solutions enable enterprises and service providers to dramatically improve their overall IT operational efficiencies and service levels by automating IPv4 and IPv6 address management with DHCP and DNS server configurations. BT... Read More

  6. Free IP Address Tracker

    Download this FREE desktop tool from SolarWinds and get a unified view of your IP address space. IP Address Tracker shows you which IP addresses are in use - and which are not while eliminating manual errors and ensuring that IP addresses are listed in the right place. Download this FREE TOOL from Solarwinds!... Read More

  7. SolarWinds IP Address Manager

    Complex spreadsheets and home-grown IP address management tools just don't cut it anymore—you need a solution that can give you comprehensive IP space visibility along with the power of automation to save time, eliminate errors, and avoid costly network downtime. Let SolarWinds IP Address Manager help you and your team ditch the outmoded spreadsheets and the problems that come with... Read More

  8. Infoblox IPAM

    Infoblox IPAM takes the human-error risk factors out of your IP management and drives down the expenses of today's complex and powerful networks. Features include: Allocate networks or blocks of networks to functional groups, geographic regions, virtual server teams, and the like; Allow helpdesk administrators and the IP manager to assign IP addresses to new servers and printers; Allow regional... Read More

  9. Easy-IP Address Manager

    Easy-IP helps you monitor network changes by using a powerful auto-discovery tool with SNMP, to maintain an accurate, up-to-date inventory for all your subnets, IP Addresses and network devices. With an intuitive Web-based GUI, the database can be accessed by multiple administrators in diverse geographical locations - from any web browser. Easy-IP enables you to plan your IP Addressing scheme,... Read More