Last Updated on 14 May 2015, Total: 9 Products


  1. Office AX VoIP Appliance

    Office AX is an all-in-one enterprise VoIP appliance solution designed for easy integration into small- & mid-sized business phone systems. It offers plug-and-play convenience to virtually any company network - delivering cutting-edge communications in little time, and at a remarkable price point. Office AX eliminates the time and costs typically associated with deploying an enterprise-class VoIP phone system, and lets... Read More

  2. Appro HyperBlade Mini-Cluster Solution

    This Mini-Cluster is designed for the High-Performance Computing (HPC) market and is a fully integrated cluster solution supporting up to 17 compute blades including a master node. This is a solution for customers who want to start small in a modular clustering computing environment. If transaction or database volumes grow, customers can add a full-size HyperBlade cluster cabinet that supports... Read More

  3. Unisys ES7000

    Nine ES7000 servers models feature the newest generations of either Intel Xeon processors MP or Intel Itanium 2 processors - or both! ES7000 customers are enjoying all the advantages of an enterprise Windows® data center based on systems that can be sized to meet every need... Read More

  4. Dell PowerEdge Server 2850

    The server features Dual Xeon processors with EM64T support, teamed with DDR-2 Memory and PCI Express. The large memory support of EM64T helps deliver performance for applications that require more than 4GB of memory. Configuration flexibility - The PowerEdge 2850 has a blend of rack density with expandability, allowing it to adapt to almost any usage. The internal storage capacity... Read More

  5. Message Server

    The Mirapoint Message Server appliance is an email server that provides desktop email as well as web and wireless access. It also features integrated technology to block spam, viruses and hacker attacks, plus a portfolio of collaborative services such as group calendaring... Read More

  6. HP ProLiant servers

    ProLiant servers offer a solution to any problem. Servers that can grow with your business. HP offers a variety of solutions for any of your needs... Read More

  7. Itanium 2 Servers

    Derived from NEC's advanced super computer architecture, the Express5800/1000 series support up to 32 Intel Itanium 2 processors in a single instance smp architecture. The Express5800/1000 series provides the optimum mid range Itanium 2 platform architecture... Read More

  8. eServer

    Whether you are large or small, IBM xSeries with Microsoft Windows provides a reliable platform for your business operations. From Small Business Server 2000 to Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, IBM xSeries is certified for Windows Server. Look to xSeries for your business needs... Read More

  9. EMC Celerra NSX

    EMC Celerra is a dedicated network file server running software optimized for sharing information over networks. This NAS solution allows you to share information between heterogeneous networked servers and end-user clients as if that information were physically stored on the local workstation. Celerra can be custom-configured to meet your specific network needs, connecting to 10/100BaseT Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, and... Read More